Click Test - Clicks Per Second Challenge

Click test calculate click per second that help to Improve your clicking speed using different clicking technique.

Following tests has its own strategy and clicking methods for improving your clicking speed.


Basic steps you need to know before starting click tests:-

  • If you want to start the game, you need to hit the 'START CLICK TEST' button accessible below.

  • After clicking the button, start clicking with your mouse as fast as possible in the given time crunch.

  • Once the time is over, your test gets stopped, and the final score with obtained rank will be displayed in the result.

  • Click on the 'GET COMPLETE RESULT' button that shows left-click count, right-click count, double click count, middle click count, Average CPS, and your real-time clicking graph.



The click Test is an online mouse click per second test, which calculates your mouse clicking speed in diffrent time frames.

It comprises mainly -

  • Clicks per 5 seconds

  • Clicks per 10 seconds

  • Clicks per 15 seconds

  • Clicks per 30 seconds

  • Clicks per 60 seconds

  • Manual click test

Playing the web-based Click test game is fun at all times, and it is suitable for all age groups, so don't worry if you are a student or a person with a job.

Do you know how many clicks can you complete in Ten seconds? Many might not know about the world record of clicks in ten seconds, and the world record is 20 CPS in 10 seconds.

Here, the Click test is a way to calculate the number of clicks in a provided timeframe, and many users play the game and compete globally.

Ranks of Click Test

rank turtle


If your average CPS score is greater than zero and less than six, your CPS Rank is Turtle.

rank mouse


If your average CPS score is greater than Five and less than Eight, your CPS Rank is Mouse.

rank rabbit


If your average CPS score is greater than Eight and less than Ten, your CPS Rank is Rabbit.

rank buffalo


If your average CPS score is equal to ten or greater than Ten, your CPS Rank is Buffalo.


There are two kinds of click tests or CPS tests:

  • Mouse click test

  • Keyboard click test

1. Mouse Click Test

The CPS Tester and gamer use the mouse click test that provides a default time interval of 10 seconds. Still, you can expand the time interval using the predefined reusable alternatives in the sidebar menu.

This test is excellent for players worldwide, and our test only takes 10 seconds for the most profitable cps counter. After taking a test, a new challenge is introduced, and with every challenge, your time increases by one second; you need to maintain the same CPS score in all the challenges.

2. Keyboard Click Test

The keyboard click test is mainly used by a gamer who mostly plays keyboard-related games.


Following are some factors that a user has to consider before taking the click test.

  1. Internet Connection - As the click test is a web-based game played online, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection.

  2. Hardware Part - Before playing the game, ensure that your mouse is well connected and works appropriately.

  3. Mouse Sensitivity - You must set a mouse sensitivity before taking a test. Although, some players take the game seriously and purchase a mouse that enables more smooth clicking. As an additional tip, players should make sure that they make the least or no movement at all to score more.


  • User-friendly interface on every device you acquire.

  • It addresses several timeframes variations, from 1-second test to 100-second test and custom timer.

  • Most secure than any other online click speed test game.

  • It provides you unlimited opportunities to test and perform better than last time.

  • Provides new challenges every time after finishing the first one.

  • Best command on your mouse and keyboard.

How quickly can you hit to scan your click speed score?

The click test helps you to analyze your finger speed on the mouse to detect how quickly you can click the mouse button. The faster you click, the sooner you can break the score lists.

Now, it totally depends on you how quickly you can click!. Most players at the click test have a score between 5-10 clicks per second.


Clicks per second are an essential test for gamers who always want to become pros in their FPS game and become unbeatable in gaming tournaments.

So, when it seems to improve your clicks per second, you seriously need regular practice. You can take the CPS test daily and serve as a pro by clicking.

We are confident that our clicking speed test game enhances your clicking speed; if you practice daily for 10 minutes, it will bring you a pro in your favourite game.

ClickTests provides four techniques to enhance the click speed test or CPS counter:

1. Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is a clicking technique that allows gamers to click the mouse more quickly than regular clicking. The method is commonly leveraged for games that require a quick burst of clicks over a short period.

Generally, Gamers practice the art of Jitter clicks for games that demand fast clicks, such as Minecraft and Farmville.

Take a - Jitter Click Test

2. Kohi Clicking

Kohi click test is a method to determine the ratio of clicks per second. It is similar to other click test programs, with the only significant difference being that it is featured on a Minecraft server known as Kohi.

The Kohi server is popular for Hard Core Factions game modes. While Kohi is an offshoot of MineHG, the latter is a spin-off of Minecraft PVP (MCPVP). Now, Brawl Games own the MCPVP but was initially developed by 'hclewk.'

Several click speed programs allow users to identify their mouse-clicking speed over a given time frame. In most cases, the Kohi Click Test is used by those who play Minecraft, and players take the test to improve their mouse-clicking speed to perform better in the game.

Take a - Kohi Click Test

3. Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is a mouse clicking technique that works by forcefully dragging your index finger over the left or right mouse button (whichever is needed) to trick your device and interpret it as multiple clicks in quick succession. Drag clicking can also be called Fazer tapping.

This technique works because the friction between your finger and the mouse button causes vibrations registered as multiple individual mouse clicks.

Take a - Drag Click Test

4. Butterfly Clicking

This technique is achieved by clicking on the mouse quickly with two fingers. It involves the index and middle finger clicking on the mouse, thus gaining more clicks per second. This click speed test is far easier to learn as well.

This clicking method, in particular, was discovered when gamers were using or applying different techniques on the mouse; hence the butterfly clicking was found.

Take a - Butterfly Click Test


As you know, the Click test is a unique game played on many platforms and applications where each player has their own strategy of clicking.

According to Recordsetter, Dylan Allred from Las Vegas holds the world record for most mouse clicks Allerd clicked the mouse 1,051 times in 10 seconds.

In 2010, Tom Andre Seppola from Norway held the world record of 830 clicks in 30 seconds.

According to bigdata and google, The highest score in the CPS test with different time intervals is mentioned below.

Sr. No Click Test Average Score Highest Score
1 1 Second CPS Test 5 CPS - 12 CPS 16 CPS
2 5 Second CPS Test 5 CPS - 11 CPS 14 CPS
3 10 Second CPS Test 5 CPS - 10 CPS 14.2 CPS
4 15 Second CPS Test 5 CPS - 10 CPS 13.6 CPS
5 30 Second CPS Test 5 CPS - 9 CPS 13.5 CPS
6 60 Second CPS Test 5 CPS - 7 CPS 13.1 CPS