How To Clean Mouse Pads?

Our best recommendation for cleaning a gaming mouse pad is merely using a squirt of dish soap, warm water, a sponge, or washcloth.


A clean mouse pad is important for a computer system. Surely you have repeatedly had to break and jump the cursor on the computer screen.

This may be due to mouse work, but it is most often due to clogging of the mat's surface. It is especially inconvenient when working with fine details in graphics programs or games when the slightest movement and hundred of a second matter.

How To Clean A Mouse Pad?

The most recommended and effective procedure for cleaning a mouse pad is washing it by hand. Mostly cloth pads need a small amount of soap, water, and time to remove any spills or dust.

Most people use RGB mousepads; however, such as one provided with lights or a USB port, you should not clean it due to the high chances of damage from water. The users who operate vast gaming pads or custom mouse pads are the perfect methods for maintaining your pad clean without ruining it.

  • Step 1 : You should place your mouse pad in your sink or if you utilize a large mousepad, a tub. You should moisten your pad with water gently. Then you should make sure to use cold water as hot water can harm your pad material and some tailored prints.
  • Step 2 : You must use either a sponge or a brush to rub any particularly dirty spots. It is essential to use a soft sponge and brush. Using heavy-duty equipment can ruin your pad. The tip to cleaning your mouse pad is to be as smooth as possible.
  • Step 3 : You must wash any suds and soap from your pad by washing it with cold water. Again, you should ensure that the water is cold so that you will not damage your mouse pad. After you complete cleaning the pad, you should check if there are no signs of soap left on the mousepad.
  • Step 4 : You should take a towel and wipe your mouse pad dry. This activity requires it to be done mildly too. This will not fully dry your pad, so you will need to let your pad air dry for the whole day. If you place your mouse pad near a fan, it might benefit to dry it sooner.

Should you clean your Mouse Pad in the Washing Machine?

Yes, you can use the washing machine without destroying the mouse pad. There are no special concerns for the washing process, although I suggest not to use hot water; While the top surface is cloth, the pad still has rubber and melted rubber.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most recommended way to clean a mousepad?

We will suggest washing your mousepad by hand. By doing so, it is less likely to damage your mouse pad. You can clean mouse pads of a smaller range in washing machines, such as ones prepared from certain cloth-like materials and ones without custom-printed layouts.

How to clean a cloth mousepad?

Cloth mouse pads can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. Still, it is important to be often gentle when washing your cloth pad. You should use light shampoos and soaps for handwashing and mild detergents for machine washing. You must clean cloth mousepads with cold water rather than hot or warm water.

When should you wash your mouse pads?

You should clean your mousepad several times a year or whenever it gets very dirty. Cleaning your pad throughout the year will protect it from getting too germy over time, especially if you utilize it every day. If you pour something on the mousepad, it should be washed right away to prevent stains.

Should I clean my mouse pad?

When it comes time to give your mouse pad bath, the solution will depend on the material. To clean your rubber or plastic mouse pads, you can probably use a moist cloth and use some sanitary wipes for good measure. And you can also use the washing machine wittily destroying the mouse pad.


This simple action will help not only to clean the pad but also to improve its properties. If you don't want to bother with manual cleaning of the mouse, it can be washed in the washing machine.

However, wrap the cloth mouse in a canvas bag and place the drum to do this. Wash at medium temperature without spin function. Otherwise, the mouse may be deformed.

In addition, we have described thoroughly how to clean the mouse pad. If you have any questions, please share your questions in the comments section and share this blog post with your friends and relatives.