How To Drag Click On Any Mouse?

To make a drag click, press the mouse button downwards while flicking your wrist at a slight angle (towards the mouse front). Let your finger glide over.


Drag clicking seems very easy however it is easy. But it is quite difficult if we are talking about another level to have skill over it.

This article will let you know how to Drag Click on any Mouse. Here we will also talk over all the basics of Drag Clicking on any mouse. Before that, let me tell you what drag clicking is.


Drag clicking is also termed as Tap clicking or Fazer tap. It is the technique of clicking the mouse button many times in a single second. You can easily drag-click the mouse just by dragging your fingers across the body of mouse buttons.

There might develop friction between finger and mouse exterior that generates the number of clicks per second (CPS). This is known as drag clicking.

Generally, Average Gamers maintain 6-7 CPS (click per second); therefore, If you are a gamer, you might become a professional at drag clicking. However, only utilizing the right mouse works for you to increase the probability of gaining a victory over the competitor with minimal effort.


Drag clicking becomes more important, especially when it appears in the game. If you know the tricks of the drag click, you can quickly achieve 32 clicks per second (CPS). And the other Click per second offers you extra benefit in any video game and can assist you in increasing the winning line.

For example, the Drag click method is very worthwhile in Minecraft, where you can position several blocks at a time. Further, it is also effective while functioning on bridges or any other building site in Minecraft. With the right Drag clicking skill, players can also boost the number of kills in a combat match.


In some popular games like Minecraft, where high clicks per second are needed, users usually strive several clicking methods to gain a victory over others. But if you use the best drag-clicking mouse, you can improve the CPS easily with less action than making you the creative player.

It seems practically ridiculous to attain 15- 20 clicks per second if you are operating the regular mouse. Because to do that, you have to hold your finger very fast, which is ineffective and useless, and you can't even press your finger quickly.

Therefore, to serve that much more efficiently, you have to use a drag-clicking mouse that lets you achieve high cps quickly that is not likely with a regular mouse.


If you think that how to drag click on any mouse is simple, you are wrong?

It needs lots of patience and dedication. We already told you that drag clicking seems very easy but is not as simple as you think, and it is more than tapping or playing with the mouse controls.

If you want to learn drag-clicking techniques, you require practice and tolerance and, of course, the perfect drag-clicking mouse to perform better.

The two things you must analyze in any clicking mouse one is the texture of the mouse, and we suggest you go with a matt grippy surface of a mouse because it makes drag clicking simple.

The second is the excellence of mouse switches like Kailh, Omron, or optical, as quality switches minimize concern while drag clicking.


Above, you have gone through the factors like the surface of the mouse and the characteristic of switches that affect Drag clicking. Now let's see the steps for Drag clicking:

  • Step 1 : First, you should make sure that the mouse surface is free from soil, dust, and sweat, and also your hands must be healthy and dry.
  • Step 2 : Now you can hold the mouse, you need to put your thumb on the left side and your little finger on the right side to sense.
  • Step 3 : After that, you need to put your index finger and middle finger on the mouse's left control and right switch, respectively. And then glide fingertips across the upper edge of your mouse button.
  • Step 4 : You should make sure that your wrist position is relaxed. And you can quickly flick the mouse button down to drag and click.
  • Step 5 : You should gently glide your fingertips over the mouse. You will listen to a hissing sound, and the mouse will vibrate, which tells you you are performing drag-clicking correctly.


However, if you are trying to drag your finger along a mouse button, it isn't the only way to perform it. It needs lots of practice and patience. But specific mouse devices are better at operating and withstanding drag clicking than others. You can't only utilize any mouse; you require one well analyzed.


Improving your CPS by Dragging Your Mouse across the display is a fantastic technique to perform. It's easy to learn How to Drag. Click on any mouse? You should make sure that you are using the right mouse.

You will see an unexpected improvement in your performance results. Some people are inefficient at coping with the stress of this procedure. All it requires is a little practice after you've got the appropriate tool, and your opponents won't take a chance.