Butterfly Click Test

Butterfly click test is a CPS test that doubles your clicking speed by using two fingers in FPS games.

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What Is the Butterfly Click Test?

Butterfly click test is clicking your mouse as fast as you can with two fingers, mainly using your index finger and middle finger, giving you higher clicks per second if done properly.

It is one of the best ways to test your clicking skills in which you need to put your two fingers on the same mouse button and hit the mouse with both fingers alternatively.

First, put both your fingers on the mouse right-side button and hit the mouse with one finger, and the second finger is in the air. Then you click with the second finger and put the first finger in the air. Remember one thing you have to do it fast.

You have provided 10 seconds in this butterfly click test. To click faster, try to hit more fastly in the first five seconds and then in the next 5 seconds, keep that momentum and get to the top. In the beginning, you will not get a high score, but with more and more practice, you can get to the top.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Butterfly clicking cheating?

    It is not considered cheating, but if your CPS is greater than 20, it might get mistaken for an auto clicker, which is not allowed.

  2. Is butterfly Clicking bad for health?

    As compared to others, Butterfly clicking is safer and isn’t bad for health. Excessive use of anything is bad in the case of clicking too.

  3. Which is better, butterfly clicking or jitter clicking?

    Both clicking techniques have pros and cons; if we talk about safety, then the butterfly technique is safer. But if we talk about a fast clicking technique, then go for jitter. Also, Excessive jitter clicking is bad for your health.

  4. How to butterfly click using a small mouse?

    Yes, it can be done on any mouse you are comfortable with.

  5. How to set up the mouse to butterfly click?

    The mouse will be set up to place both your fingers correctly and comfortably, and there is a gap between your fingers.

  6. How to butterfly click on mouse pad?

    Use the whole mouse pad and use your palm to move the mouse; this technique is called butterfly click and aim and get really fast clicks on the way.

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