Change Log

A changelog is a log or record of all notable changes made to a our site which provides click tests like cps test, drag click test and others.

All Changes

Graphical Representation of Click Test

Updated on 26 Nov 2021

The graph has been added to the bottom of the click Test homepage. This graphical representation shows the average score of user with time on X-axis and Score on Y-axis.

Bug Fixes

Updated on 1 Dec 2021

The custom time Mode from click test bug fixed. Now user receives his accurate score on custom duration of time.

New Click Tests added to the website

Updated on 5 Dec 2021

The Drag Click Test! Where you can calculate your click by performing drag click which is another effective method to improve your click score.

Added New Menu For Click Tests

Updated on 1 Jan 2022

Now you will get new features that help you to know left click, middle click, right click as well as double click in your CPS Test.

Added Blog

Updated on 15 Jan 2022

Read ClickTests Official blog and get more information about click test, gaming mouse and other details related to CPS.

Previous Test Information

Updated on 25 Jan 2022

Added information related previous challenge that display the time of previous test, no of click in previous test and CPS score.

Functionality of Click Sound

Updated on on 1 Feb 2022

You can enable and disable clicking sound while taking a test. It will give you a best gaming experiance.

History of Your Click Test Challenges

Updated on 20 Feb 2022

Now you can view all of your previous CPS score, Test time, No of click perform. Also you can reset the history.

Graphical User Interface Change

Updated on 1 March 2022

Background Color and Forground color are chnage now you can easily recognize all text on button as well as site content.

Added New Functionality

Updated on 4 March 2022

Now you can check the count of left click, right click, double click as well as middle click.

Added Seprate Result Page

Updated on 1 April 2022

Get a complete result of your text on Result Page.

Create Account

Updated on 3 April 2022

Sign in with Google and create your profile and get complete analyasis of your result history.

See User Profile

Updated on 5 April 2022

You can see your 1 second, 5 Second, 10 Second, 15 Second, 30 Second and 1 Minute result Sepratly on your profile page.

Leader Board

Updated on 5 April 2022

See Daily, Weekly and monthly Top CPS Test rank on your leaderboard. Smash others record and get #1 Rank.

Complete Histroy

Updated on 5 April 2022

Get a complete History of your each test with the result like test rank, CPS, Test time, Number of clicks on histroy page.