CPS Test | CPS Tester | Click Speed Test

CPS test or CPS tester is an online click speed test game that counts the number of clicks triggered per second in different timeframes.

Click the Start Test button to take a test.


What is the CPS Test?

CPS Test, abbreviated as the "Clicks Per Second" test, is the most popular way to calculate how fast you can click with your mouse in different timeframes.

ClickTests team designed this simple tool based on a click counter that shows how many clicks you can obtain per second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 60 seconds, and 100 seconds.

Clicking speed is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of seconds. In other words, "it is a volume of clicks to a time fractions (seconds).

Popular Time Variations of CPS Test

People are using different time variations to check their Clicking speed. Hence, According to people's needs, clicktests measure their clicking speed in diffrent time variations.

Following all the popular time variations used by gamers to test their clicking speed -

  • CPS Test 1 Second: A one-second click speed test is used to calculate clicking speed in one second.
  • CPS Test 5 Seconds: A five-second click speed test is used to calculate clicking speed in five-second.
  • CPS Test 10 Seconds: A Ten-second click speed test is used to calculate clicking speed in Ten-second.
  • CPS Test 15 Seconds: A fifteen-second click speed test is used to calculate clicking speed in fifteen-second.
  • CPS Test 30 Seconds: A thirty-second click speed test is used to calculate clicking speed in thirty-second.
  • CPS Test 60 Seconds: A sixty-second click speed test is used to calculate clicking speed in sixty-second, i.e., One minute.
  • Custom Time: A custom cps test is used to calculate clicking speed in a custom interval of time defined by the user.

How to Calculate CPS Score?

To calculate the CPS score. Firstly, you need to take an online cps click test. Following are the easy steps to calculate a cps score -

  • Go to the Test Section of this web page.
  • You'll find a rectangle box containing the text Start Test
  • Just click on the button, Start pressing the left mouse button and click as fast as possible.
  • On your first click, CPS Test will be started.
  • Continue clicking until the GET COMPLETE RESULT button is displayed.
  • Finally, click the Result button and get your calculated cps score.

If you are unsatisfied with this score and think that you can perform better, click on the ‘Restart Test’ button to take another chance.

There is no limit to restarting the test, so you can keep practising to get the best out of yourself.

How to improve your CPS Score?

Many techniques help you increase your clicking speed, including clicking techniques, clicking devices, and automated clicking software. According to our team research following are some useful ways that help to improve your cps score naturally:

  • Practice Clicking Techniques - Clicking techniques like jitter and butterfly involve rapid finger muscle spasms to click faster. So daily practise can definitely increase your clicking speed.
  • Using a Gaming Mouse - Instead of laptops and pc mouse, use a gaming mouse that helps to improve the speed of clicking because gaming mouse are comfortable due to their sensitivity and hand position.
  • Relax Your Mind - A unfocused mind is more dangerous than an occupied mind, so keep your mind free and focus on your clicking speed.
  • Sweaty and Trembling Hands - Your hands must not be sweaty and trembling; you cannot click on a mouse because of sweaty hands.
  • Keep your Palm on the Table - This will stabilise your hand while clicking on the mouse.
  • Hand position - The position of the hand matters. If your hand is not positioned, then your fingers are not pressing the button correctly, so Keep your fingers right over the mouse button.
  • Mouse Company - Companies like Logitech, Corsair, Mad Catz, Steel Series, and many more manufacture mouse for clicking purposes. So it is important to have the right mouse.
  • Daily Practice - Practice clicking techniques daily, and you will reach your goal one day.


According to the survey, people can click 150 Clicks in 10 seconds. But if you know about different unique clicking techniques like regular clicking, jitter clicking, drag clicking, or butterfly clicking.

It is possible to obtain more clicks by using diffrent clicking techniques; all clicking methods have their way of clicking for taking your click speed test to the next level.

We researched 100 professional gamers to give you a rough idea of the average cps for all the clicking methods; the below table shows the average cps in 1 second using different clicking techniques.

Sr. No Clicking Technique Difficulty Average CPS
1 Regular Clicking Easy 3 - 9
2 Jitter Clicking Hard 10 - 14
3 Butterfly Clicking Extreme 15 - 25
4 Drag Clicking Extreme 25 - 100