Double Click - Double Click Test For Mouse

The double click test counts the double click hits performed by you within 1 second, 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, and more.

Click the Start Test button to take a test.


What is a double-click test?

Double is test is same as click test or cps test. It counts the number of double clicks performed within the given time interval.

The test aims to check whether your mouse is double-click working or not. most of the mouse doesn't support double click due to button issues or driver issues.

You can test your mouse in a fun way you can play a double-click test game and test whether your mouse double click working properly or not.

The reason behind double-clicking of mouse

Following are the possible reasons for your unwanted double clicks -

  • Double-click speed set too low - There is an option in the mouse setting where we can set the double-click detection speed. check your mouse software or your computer settings.
  • Dirty Mouse - Due to dirt your mouse button stick and perform multiple clicks. so clean your mouse and try whether it is happening again.
  • Wireless signal interference - There is a chance of signal issues if you are using a wireless mouse. you can keep the mouse near the receiver or also try replacing mouse batteries.
  • Defective Mouse - If you purchase a new mouse and it happens then there is a chance of a defective mouse. so try with a new mouse.