Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ is a list of commonly asked questions and answers on a website about topics related to Login/register, CPS Tests, Score records, etc.

1. Is ClickTests legit?

Yes, ClickTests is legit. We do not fail to meet any promises we make to our users. If you have gone through our privacy policy and Terms, you will understand the same.

2. Can I use ClickTests forever?

Yes, you can use ClickTests for as long as you want to. We will be happy to serve you lifelong.

3. Can I hack ClickTests?

No, if you try to hack into our system, we will suspend your account. We have a team full of experts who works every day and take care of the security. If you find any bug or security issue, you can contact us to claim your reward.

4. Does ClickTests have any age limit?

No. the Click test is just a time pass game to remove your stress.

5. Can I use ClickTests in any specific country?

No, there is no specific country for using the ClickTests. You can be in any country to use the site.

5. Can I log in to my ClickTests account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can easily log in to your ClickTests account on as many devices as you want. It would be best if you care that you can only login into one device at a time.

7. How many times can I play a click tests game per day?

There is no limit to playing games every day. Though it depends on how much time you can spend on our activities.

1. How many clicks per second is fast?

CPS Test specifies some grades upon your clicking speed. Suppose you want to be the fastest in clicks you wish to connect between 5 to 10 clicks per second. But if you want to prevent becoming a turtle, you must connect above five clicks per second.

2. How can I achieve faster clicks per second?

If you want to increase your cps (Clicks per second), you can attempt the following techniques:

  • The best idea is to utilize a gaming mouse rather than a regular mouse and avoid a laptop trackpad.

  • You can start practicing with connecting techniques like jitter clicking and butterfly clicking.

  • You can change your mouse setting by adjusting its sensitivity.

  • You can play shooting games and try to shoot with maximum speed.

1. Can jitter clicking hurt you?

Yes, jitter clicking is bad for health. It can cause Arthritis or Carpal tunneling due to friction in your joints above the limits, and Jitterclicking is quite the same.

But If you're clicking in a range between 9 to 15 CPS. Don't cross the limit over 15-30 seconds. It can hurt your arm, hand, wrist, and fingers for a long time. It can harm your hand if you cross your clicking limits.

2. What is it useful for?

If you are playing PC gaming, then clicking is important for you. In first-person shooters and Minecraft, Clicking fast can get you more hits and points and do more damage.

3. How can I perform Jitterclick?

There is no way to Jitter clicking fact every player has their technique and their secrets of using it better. Anyway, the most diffused technique makes the arm vibrate and transmits the vibration to the mouse keys with fingers.

4. What is the highest CPS in Jitter clicking?

It all depends upon your clicking technique. Click per second rate is a just number calculated based on the times you can click in a specific interval of time. You can test and measure your CPS rate with a useful graph displaying your CPS over time and the global CPS average.

1. Can drag clicking damage your mouse?

First of all, every mouse can not drag a click. Drag click might seem simple, but it isn't easy to execute. It depends on how much you drag click and your consistency because Drag clicking will ruin your mouse over time.

2. Can you get banned for drag clicking?

Yes, If other players reported, but player reports get denied if "the player may be drag clicking," and the lookout probably won't ban them for it anyway.

3. Is drag clicking allowed Hypixel?

Yes, Drag clicking is allowed Hypixel.

4. Is Drag clicking bad?

Yes, drag clicking is bad for the mouse. It harms the mouse buttons and shortens the mouse's life span. Lets, know the right way to drag, click or press the mouse hard while doing it.

1. Is Butterfly clicking cheating?

It is not considered cheating, but if your CPS is greater than 20, it might get mistaken for an auto clicker, which is not allowed.

2. Is butterfly Clicking bad for health?

As compared to others, Butterfly clicking is safer and isn’t bad for health. Excessive use of anything is bad in the case of clicking too.

3. Which is better, butterfly clicking or jitter clicking?

Both clicking techniques have pros and cons; if we talk about safety, then the butterfly technique is safer. But if we talk about a fast clicking technique, then go for jitter. Also, Excessive jitter clicking is bad for your health.

4. How to butterfly click using a small mouse?

Yes, it can be done on any mouse you are comfortable with.

5. How to set up the mouse to butterfly click?

The mouse will be set up to place both your fingers correctly and comfortably, and there is a gap between your fingers.

6. How to butterfly click on mouse pad?

Use the whole mouse pad and use your palm to move the mouse; this technique is called butterfly click and aim and get really fast clicks on the way.

1. How can I register in ClickTests?

For registering yourself at ClickTests, simply visit our home page and click on the Login With Google. You can register yourself by using your valid email address.

2. How can I login in ClickTests?

To log in to your ClickTests account, you only need to click on the Login With Google and use the same email address.

3. How can I verify my ClickTests account?

Your account is already verified if you sign up with Google.

4. How can I change my email address?

You cannot change your Email address after registration.

5. How can I recover my account password?

There is no need to recover your account password. you just need to sign in with your registered Gmail account.

6. How can I delete/remove my ClickTests account?

Your account is automatically deleted/removed if you are inactive for 90 days.

7. Why my ClickTests account is suspended?

If our system detected unusual activity or if you are using software like auto clicker then your account is suspended.