Jitter Clicking - Jitter Click Test

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What Is the Jitter clicking?

Jitter clicking is a technique in which gamers need to click the mouse more quickly than regular clicking. The technique is introduced for games that require many clicks over a short time.

Usually, Minecraft and Farmville Gamers practice the Jitter clicking method for fast clicks in their games. According to Gamer's demand, our team developed clicker games known as jitter click test, whereby gamers practice jitter clicking and improve clicking speed.

Globally, gamers compete to become the fastest clickers over time to level up their gaming experiance and set world records by leveraging various mouse striking techniques such as Jitter Clicking.


As we know, Jitter Click is an FPS gaming technique in which you need to click the mouse very quickly. In first-person shooters games and Minecraft, clicking fast can make more hits and do more damage.

Following things occur while taking Jitter clicking -

  • Your hand vibrates, and it's too hard to click the mouse.
  • You want to touch the left click button, but your wrist slightly lifted off the mouse.
  • Your hand cannot be in a relaxed position.

According to research, jitter clicking is bad for health, and it can provoke Arthritis or Carpal tunneling that happens due to friction in your joints above the limits, and Jitterclicking is quite the same.


Jitter Clicking speed is determined by calculating the number of clicks obtained in a time interval similar to the click test.

The striking mouse speed is calculated in clicks per second (CPS), the number of clicks in a given period, and it means that the higher the CPS, the faster the clicking.

Follow the steps below. If you want to learn how to measure jitter click -

  • Press the green "START TEST" button. The timer will start immediately.
  • Continue clicking on the clicking box.
  • Don't stop clicking until your time ends.
  • As times up, your score will display on result page.