Mouse Accuracy Test | Aim Test | Cursor Trainer

The Mouse Accuracy test is a cursor trainer test that measures your overall aim skill. You need to click the targets accurately within 60 seconds.

Click the Start Test button to start CPS Test

What is the Mouse Accuracy Test?

Mouse Accuracy Test is a 60-second game that helps to improve your aim in games such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike, PUBG, etc.

The purpose behind the test is simple: It helps to practice and to improve your speed of mouse accuracy for shooting and killing in games.

How to take the mouse accuracy test?

  • Visit the mouse accuracy test on
  • Click on the start test button on the screen.
  • As the test starts, Green pumpkins and white pumpkins fall.
  • You need to hit the green pumpkin as soon as possible.
  • Every green pumpkin click gives you a positive score and while pumpkin gives a negative score.
  • Continue until 60 seconds of timer end.
  • Your aim test results display on the screen.